Monty Python-esque Post Office Interaction

The other day I thought I was being punked by a post office worker. This is a true story, by the way.

Here’s the set-up: An envelope containing a gift certificate was sent to me by a relative on Dec. 21. The relative paid $19.95 to have the envelope arrive on or before Dec. 24th. On Dec. 27 I received a phone call from the post office asking me if I expected a package. Well yes, it’s Christmas time and I didn’t receive several things I had bought or that I knew were sent to me. In fact, it kinda seemed like a dumb question. Anyway, I said yes, I had expected a package. I asked if I could pick it up and she said no, it was on the truck.

About 6:30 pm the mail arrives and there is the gift certificate contained in a big envelope with $19.95 in bright yellow on it. I was upset that my relative had spent 20 bucks to get this to me by Christmas and they had failed to make that happen. So the next day I go the post office and speak with the lady who had called me. Here’s a transcript of the conversation:

Me: I think I should be refunded for the $20 since it was guaranteed to be delivered and wasn’t by Dec. 24th.

Post-Office Lady (POL): It was delivered.”

Me: But I didn’t get it on time, it was delivered after Christmas.

POL: It was delivered, just to the wrong address.

Me: SO you won’t refund the money because you delivered it to the wrong address?

POL: That’s right, it was delivered.

It just reminded me of the Dead Parrot routine from Monty Python:

This parrot is dead and I want my money back.

That parrot’s not dead, it’s just sleeping.

Customer service at it’s best!

Happy New Year Everybody!!