Beyonce, Music Production, and (not) Giving Credit

I produced Beyonce’s new album.

That’s a lie.

The problem is, who knows who produced it? Because Beyonce decided to not credit any of the musicians, engineers, studios, and producers who made her album (not to mention all the film crews that created the accompanying music videos, the graphics people, and all the hundreds of other people that go into creating a major release). When I first found out about this I thought sure, the mp3 album has no credits. What else is new? (Actually the Producers and Engineers Wing of the National Association of Recordings Arts and Sciences  of which I am a proud member  is working on this very issue). The thing is, even on the cd, dvd, and other physical media you can purchase (not just the downloadable stuff) there is no credit for anyone. Am I the only one who thinks that’s wrong?

Look, I am a fan or at least an admirer of Beyonce’s talent. But creating an album, as well as a world tour, takes hundreds of people. The only way future clients find us is with the credits on the product. A release a few years ago by Madonna did the opposite. Every song on the inside of the cd sleeve had everyone that had worked on the cd. It was a very small font! The entire sleeve was filled with all the people she had worked with on the record. How cool!

It means so much to me, and everyone I work with, when we receive credit for what we’ve done. I know we get paid, but still, how hard is it to give credit where credit is due?

What do you think?

Thanks for reading.